Present 3D Data with AxPyMOL

Streamlining presentations just became a lot easier with AxPyMOL, a plugin for Windows PowerPoint that enables presentation of 3-D molecular data without having to "tab out" of PowerPoint slides.

AxPyMOL running in MS Office 2007 


AxPyMOL allows users to easily embed PyMOL shows saved from actual PyMOL sessions directly into PowerPoint slides.  During presentation, the PyMOL shows can be manipulated within PowerPoint to display structures using multiple vantage points and rendering schemes set up in advance.  Users can simply advance through the saved scenes of a PyMOL show without ever exiting PowerPoint. Visit purchasing options to obtain a license. 



  • Free AxPyMOL Reader v2.2: 32-bit or 64-bit
      The free Reader is an ActiveX control plugin that allows you to read and present  
      PyMOL-based molecular data using Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows. Just like Adobe
      Reader can only read PDFs, not create them, AxPyMOL Reader can only read PowerPoint
      presentations with embedded PyMOL content, not create them. Please note that the
      Reader will only read those files created with the matching version of the full plugin.  For
      example, AxPyMOL Reader v1.0r1 will only read those files made with AxPyMOL Full
      If you are a current AxPyMOL subscriber, you do not need AxPyMOL Reader, as the full
      version of AxPyMOL includes Reader capabilities. Installation of both the full version of
      AxPyMOL and the free AxPyMOL Reader on the same computer is not allowed by the

AxPyMOL Support