PyMOL Sponsorship Information

Now includes AxPyMOL!

FAST PATH: Purchase immediately online or read on for more options.

If you use PyMOL at work, then you are asked to sponsor the project by purchasing a PyMOL Subscription. For further persuasion, please see a list of Reasons to Sponsor PyMOL.

Subscription Pricing

Payment Options

All paid subscriptions include upgrades during the subscription term, technical support, and access to the Official Online Documentation.

Subscriptions are not required for full-time students or in teaching full-time students. In such cases, however, Schrödinger has no obligation to fix bugs, furnish updates, provide documentation, grant download access, or meet any other important need you may have. Please recognize that long-term reliance upon PyMOL for educational purposes should merit a subscription purchase so that you can secure essential services and baseline accountability.